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Scriptural Phrase Guide (S-Z)

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Scriptural Phrase Guide (S-Z)


"Sabbath day"

"The sabbath of the Lord"
"Sackcloth and ashes"
"Sacrifice and burnt offerings"
Sacrifice and "burnt offerings"
"Sacrifice(s) for sin(s)"

Said again
"Said before"

Said Behold
Said concerning
Said he 
Said, surely
Said that
"Said these words" 
Said this 
Said unto (1)
Said unto (2)
Said unto her
Said unto him 
Said unto him again 
Said unto me
"Said unto my father"

Said unto the king
"Said unto the king"
"Said unto them"

Said unto them again 
Said unto them, Go 
Said unto them, Nay
Said unto them, Yea
Said unto the people
Said unto us
"Saints of God"

"Saith the scripture"
Saith unto
"Sally forth"
"Salt of the earth"
"Salt that has lost its savor"

Salvation and destruction
Salvation comes by the law of Moses
Salvation comes only through the name of Christ
Salvation cometh
"Salvation may/might come"

"Salvation of" 
"Salvation of God" 
"Salvation of Israel" 
"The salvation of many souls"
"The salvation of our souls"
Salvation of people 
Salvation of souls 
"Salvation of the Lord"

Salvation of Zion
"The same cometh"

Same curse
"The same God"
"The same is"

"Same judgment"
Same man 
"The same manner"
"Same order"
"Same place" 
The same receive
"The same shall be"
The same shall be saved

"The same shall not" 
The same will
Same words"
"Same year"
"Same yesterday, today and forever"

Sanctified by the Holy Ghost
"Sanctified in Christ"
Sanctified in righteousness
Sanctify name
"Sanctify the Lord"
"Sand of the sea"
"Sandy foundation"

Satan gets hold upon their hearts
Satan has great hold on hearts
Satan shall have no power

Satisfy the demands of justice 
Save all
Save all men
Save and preserve
"Saved at the last day"
Saved in sins 
Save from
Save his people
"Save it" 
"Save it be"
Save it be the penitent
"Save it be through" 
"Save it was"
"Save it were"

"Save it were one"
Saved in the kingdom of God

Save only 
Save some
Save souls
Save them from their sins
"Save they should"
"Savior of the world"
"Saw and heard"
"Saw a vision"
"Saw God sitting upon his throne, surrounded with numberless concourses of angels in the attitude of singing and praising their God"
"Saw peace in the land"

Saw that they would
"Saw the heavens open"

Say against 
Say also
"Saying, surely"
"Saying that"

"Saying that he was"
Say in your heart

Say let us
"Say more"
"Say no more"

Say that
Say that there
Say that there is 
Say thus
Say unto (1)
 Say unto (2)
Say unto (3) 
Say unto all 
Say unto brethren
Say unto thee
Say unto them
"Say unto this people" 

Say unto us, go
Say unto you 
"Say unto you all"
Say unto Zion
Scales of darkness fall from their eyes
Scattered abroad

Scattered abroad and slain
Scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd
Scatter abroad upon the face of the earth
"Scattered among all nations"
Scattered and confounded
Scattered and devoured
Scattered and driven 

Scattered and slain
Scattered and smitten
Scattered bones
Scattered, driven and devoured 

Scattered on the
Scattered to and fro 
Scattered upon
Scattered upon the face of the earth/land

Scatter flocks 
"Scene of bloodshed"
"The scent thereof"

Scorched with heat
Scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off

Scourge and spit
Scourge even unto destruction

Scourge, smite and spit
Scriptures and prophecy
Scriptures mean 
Sea east 
Sealed book
Sealed up
Seal on earth
"Seal you his"
Sea path
Search among
Search diligently
"Search them"
"Search the prophets"
Search the records
Search the scriptures
Season and end
"Second death"
"The second time"

"Second trump" 
Second year
"Secret band"
"Secret combinations"
Secret murders
(discover) "Secret parts"

"Secret pass"
"Secret places"
"Secret plans"
"Secret things"
"Secret works"

See afflictions
See all these things

See and behold 
See and converse
"See and hear"

See and know
See angels

See brethren 
See concerning 
See contention
See corruption 
Seed of
The seed of
"The seed of Amulon and his brethren"
"Seed of evildoers"
The seed of the priest(s)
"The seed of thy brethren"

See eye to eye
See face
"See fit"
"See God"

"Seeing that"
Seeing that I 
Seeing that the Lord
Seeing there 
Seek destruction 
Seek happiness
Seek to put
Seek peace
"Seek/sought to take away" (life)
Seek the life
Seek and find
Seek continually
Seek continually to destroy us
Seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord, and their works are in the dark
Seek diligently
"Seek (not) for riches"
"Seek not to counsel" the Lord your God

Seek revenge
Seek the kingdom of God (and all these things shall be added unto you)
Seek the Lord
"Seek to destroy"
"Seek to destroy life"
They that seek to destroy shall be confounded
Seek to kill 

Seek to lay hands on 
Seek to obtain 
Seek to slay
"Seek wisdom"
"Seek (your/their/his) destruction"

See my
"See my face"
"Seen abominations" 
"Seen all"
"Seen all these things"
"Seen and heard"

"Seen or known"
"Seen the things"
"See that"

See that the word
"See that ye" (you)
"See that ye do"

"See that ye have" 
"See the fruits of"
See the king
See the Redeemer
All the ends of the earth shall) "See the salvation of" their God
See the Spirit 
See these things
"See with their eyes"
See with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and be converted and be healed

See works
"Seized therewith"
"Seize upon"

"Selfsame day"
"Selfsame hour"
"Selfsame thing"
Send again
Send among

Send angels 
Send a proclamation
Send armies 

Send away
Send down
"Send forth"

Send forth armies 
Send from
Send guards 

Send his Son
Send immediately
Send men 
Send out
Send servants
Send spies 

Send these
Send upon 
Send upon you 
"Senine of gold"
"Sense of"

Sensual devilish
"Sent a proclamation"

Sent by
"Sent forth among"

"Sent from God"
Sent his servants

Sent them to the land of Zarahemla
"Sent the people" (away)

"Senum of silver"
"Seon of gold"
Separate and depart 
Separate one from another
"Separate one from another"
Separate themselves
Serious war and bloodshed
"The servant of"

"Servant of God"
"The servant of Laban"
The servant said unto his master

Servants and flocks
Servants and handmaids

Servants of the king
"Servants of the Lord"

Servants ran 
"Servants ran and told the"
Servants slay 
Servants take
"Servants to watch"
"Serve him"

Serve him and keep his commandments
"Serve him with"
Serve in captivity
"Serve one another"
"Service of God"

Set against
Set a mark 
Set among
Set an example
"Set apart" 

"Set at defiance"
"Set at nought"

"Set before"
"Set guards"
"Set guards round about the land"

Set hearts
Set hearts upon 

Set hearts upon riches
"Set his hand"
"Set in order"
Set in order the house
Set over the affairs of the province of Babylon

Set round about
Set up a standard

Set upon
Set your hearts upon riches  
Set your hearts upon riches and the vain things of the world 
Set your hearts upon the vain things of the world
"Seven churches"
"Seven days' journey"
"The seventh day"
"Seventh year"
"Shadow of death"
"Shadow of mine/his hand"

Shadow of things to come
"Shadow of turning" 
Shake and tremble
Shake kingdoms
"Shake off the chains"
Shake off the dust of your feet

Shake the earth
Shake the hand

"Shall also stand" 
Shall be a
"Shall be called"

Shall be destroyed 
"Shall be diminished"
"Shall be established"
"Shall be given hereafter"
"Shall be hid"
"Shall be judged"
"Shall be judged of them"

"Shall be led"
"Shall be made known"

"Shall be my people" 
"Shall be raised"
"Shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth"
"Shall be restored"
"Shall be satisfied"
"Shall be saved" 
"Shall be taken" 
Shall be visited 
Shall bless
"Shall bless thee"
"Shall come down"

"Shall come forth"
"Shall go away into everlasting punishment"
"Shall go forth"
"Shall go forth in power"

"Shall have eternal life"
Shall hereafter
Shall in nowise lose your reward
"Shall know that I am" 

Shall no more
Shall no more be called
Shall not
"Shall not be forgotten"
"Shall not pass away"

"Shall not slay" 
Shall not slay thy
"Shall not stand"

Shall overshadow
"Shall pass away"
"Shall prosper"
"Shall rest"

Shall/should have no power
"Shall smite" 

Shall they
"Shall they be"
Sharp arrows

Sharp contention
"Sharp pointed"

Shear sheep 
"The sheath thereof"

"She being" 
"She came in unto"
Shedding of blood
"Shedding of much blood"

She desired that he should come in unto her
Shed innocent blood 
Sheep and wolves
Sheep having no shepherd
The sheep hear his voice
She herself 
Shepherd calls after you 
She said
She said unto
"She said unto him"
"Shine forth"
"Ships of Tarshish"
"Ships of the sea"
Shoes latchet
Shoe's latchet I am unworthy to unloose
"Shoot forth" (branches)
"The shore of the Red Sea"

Shorn their heads 
"Shortly come"
"Shortly come to pass"
"Should always"
"Should be" 
Should be fulfilled
"Should be gathered together"
"Should be given"
"Should be judged" 

Should be king
"Should be no more"
"Should be preserved"

"Should be put to death"
"Should be slain" 

Should cause
Should come
"Should come down among the children of men"

Should come in
Should commit 
"Should fall"
"Should find"
"Should follow"

Should go
"Should go forth"

Should go with
"Should have been"

Should have no more
"Should have no power" 
Should I
"Should kill"

"Should let"
"Should never perish"
"Should no more"
"Should (not) be destroyed"
"Should perish"

"Should preach" 
Should prophesy
"Should remember" 
Should return
Should say
Should say unto
Should serve 
Should serve him 
Should slay
"Should speak"
"Should suffer"
Should take
"Should take upon"

"Should transgress"
"Should turn"
"Should understand"
Show forth 
Show forth his power 
"Show me a sign"

Show mercy 
Show the way
"Show unto the world"
Show unto us
Show weakness
"Shown unto me"
"Shown unto us"
Show signs
Shrink from the presence of the Lord

"Shum of gold"
"Shut out" from the presence of the Lord
"Shut their eyes"
Sick and afflicted

"Side of the city"
"Sides of the pit"
"Signs and wonders"
"Signs given unto the people"

Silk and fine linen
Sin against God
Sin and transgression 
"Sin as Sodom"

"Since it has been . . . we could do"
Since man
Sincere repentance
Sincerity of heart 
Since the time
"Since the world began"

Sinful and polluted state 
Sinful state
Sing and dance
Sing and praise
"Singing and praising their God"
Singing praises

Sing redeeming love 
"Sing the song"
"Sing together"
Sing to
Sing to his
"Sing to his praise" 
"Sing unto the Lord"
Sin in ignorance
Sink deep

Sink down
Sink with joy
"Sins and iniquities" 
Sins and murders
Sins and transgressions
Sins answered upon the heads
Sins blotted out

"The sins of many" 
The sins of men
Sins of people
"The sins of the world"

Sins which they had committed
Sins on heads

Sins which do so easily beset 
Sit at right hand
Sit down 
Sit down in the kingdom of God 
Sit down on the right hand
Sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven
"Sit in darkness"

Sit in judgment
"Sit upon the ground"
Sit upon throne

"Six days"
Six hundred years from the time that Lehi left Jerusalem
Skin (black/white/dark)
Slack hand

"Slain because"
Slain brethren 

"Slain by"
Slain by the hand of 
Slain by the hand of the Nephites
"Slain by the sword"
Slain for 
"Slain for the sins of the world"

The slain of 
"Slain of their brethren"
The slain of their people
Slain of the
Slain scattered flocks 
Slaughter among the people
Slay and drive 
Slay brother/brethren 
"Slay him"

Slay him with his own sword
Slay many 
Slay many of
"Slay me" 
Slay men 
Slay so many
Slay sword
"Slay thee"

Slay the king 
Slay the people
Slay the prophets

Slay the servants 
Slay the sons
"Slay the wicked"

"Slay us"
Slay with 
Slay with a great slaughter
Slay with the sword
Slay you  
Slew of
Slow to hear their cry
"Slow to remember the Lord their God"
Slumber sleep
"Small means"
"Small number"
"A small number of men"
Small plates

Small/smallest part
Smite again 
Smite and bind
Smite and prison
Smite and stone
Smite arms
Smite, cheeks, spit 
Smite off
Smite on cheek 

Smite one another 
"Smite thee"
"Smite the earth"
"Smite the people"
"Smite the rock"

Smite to the earth 
Smite upon cheeks
Smite with famine and sore afflictions

Smite with fists 
Smite with hand
Smite with rod

Smite with sword
Smitten and afflicted

Smitten and driven
Smitten by enemies
Smitten "by the hand of the Gentiles"

Smitten for iniquities 
Smote off 
Smote off arms
Smote off head
"So as by fire"
So as to

"So be it"
"Sodom and Gomorrah"

So faithful among all the servants 
"So far"
Soften hearts

"Soften the hearts of the Lamanites"
So fulfil
"So great"
"So great a number"

So great as we 
So great joy
"So great things"

"So great was"
"So great were"
"So great were their afflictions that" 
Sold into
Sold into Egypt
"So long as"
"So many"

So many blessings
"So many of" 
"So many of their brethren"
"So many people"
Some being

Some evil 
"Some few"
"Some future day"

Some period 
"Some soul"
"Somewhat concerning"
"Somewhat more"
"Some years"
"So much"

So much as
So much as to
"Son Ahman"

"The son of Alma"
"Son of God"

The Son of God comes 
"The Son of God shall come"
Son of God suffereth 
"Son of Joseph"
"Son of man"
"The Son of the Living God"

"So now"
"Son/Sun of Righteousness"

Son reigns
"Sons and daughters"
"Sons of God"
"Sons of Ishmael"
Sons of Jacob/Israel

Sons of Mosiah
"Son(s) of Perdition"

Sons of the king 
"So numerous"
"Soon at hand"
"Soon cometh"

"Sooner or later"
"Soon go"
Sore afflictions

Sore against
"Sore cursing"

Sorely grieved
"Sore repentance" 
Sorrow and lamentation 
Sorrow because of
Sorrow days 
Sorrows and afflictions 
Sorrow upon 
"So shall it come to pass"
"So shall it stand"

"So soon"
"So speedy was the flight of" 
So that 
So that when
"So to do"
Sought opportunity
Sought to lay hands
"Sought to take away the life of my father"
Soul abhorreth

Soul can never die
"Soul delighteth"

Soul flee
"Soul grieves"

Soul is pained
Soul rejoice
Souls as an offering

Souls filled with 
Souls of those
South side

South wilderness
Sorcery and adultery 
"So will I"
"The space of"
"Space of (two, three, four, many) days"
Spake concerning the house of Israel

Spake unto him again
"Spake unto me"

"Spare me" 
"Spare thee"
Spare the life
Spare the people
"Spare the people"
Spare the righteous

Speak after this manner 
Speak against
Speak as it were 
Speak boldly
Speak concerning

Speak evil 
Speak flattery
"Speaking these words"
"Speaking unto me"
"Speaking with the Lord"

Speak many words
Speak much 
Speak on this wise
Speak out of the dust
Speak out of the ground, speech shall be low out of the dust, voice shall be as one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, speech shall whisper out of the dust
"Speak particularly"
"Speak peace"
Speak plainly
Speak somewhat
Speak the truth
"Speak the word"
"Speak the word of God"

Speak to the people of the church which was established in the city of Zarahemla 
Speak unto
Speak unto all 
Speak unto all the ends of the earth
Speak unto him
Speak unto me
Speak unto my brethren

Speak unto the ends of the earth
"Speak unto them"

Speak unto the people
"Speak unto you"

Speak unto you concerning
Speak unto you concerning things
Speak well 
Speak with
"Speak with boldness"

Speak with energy
"Speak with new tongues"

Speak with power and authority
"Speedily cometh"

"Speedily repent"
"Speedily visit"
Speedy destruction
Spend days
Spend my days in your service
Spend time 

Spend your strength 
Spirit abides
"Spirit and body"
Spirit and body

Spirit and body shall reunite
"Spirit and power"
Spirit constraineth

"Spirit created"
Spirit dwells
"Spirit hath not"
Spirit knoweth 
"The spirit of God"
"Spirit of judgment"
Spirit of prophecy
Spirit of prophecy and revelation
Spirit of revelation
"The spirit of the devil"
"The Spirit of the Lord"

The Spirit of the Lord was upon him
"The spirit of wisdom"
"The spirit said unto me"

The spirit saith
Spirit shall not always strive with man
"Spirits of just men made perfect"
"Spirits of men"

Spirit they list to obey 
Spirit to go
Spirit troubled
"Spiritual death"
"Spirit which is in me"

Spirit withdrawn
Spirit wrought

Spit and smite
Spit upon
Spoil them of the east
Spoken by

Spoken by fathers
"Spoken by my father"
"Spoken by the mouth of"
Spoken by the mouth of the prophets

Spoken by the prophets
"Spoken of by"
"Spoken of by the prophets"
"Spoken the words"
"Spoken unto the Jews"

"Spoken unto you"
Spotless at the judgment-seat of Christ
Spotless (at the last day)

"Spotless before God"
"Spotless before me"

Spotless, pure and white
"Spot of ground"
Spread throughout
"Spy out"
"Staff of bread"

Stain swords 
Stain swords with the blood of our brethren
"Stand against"

Stand among
Stand and judge 
Stand and minister 
Stand and testify
"Stand as a testimony"

"Stand as a testimony against"
Stand as witnesses
Stand before
Stand before God

Stand before God to be judged
Stand before God to be judged of their works
"Stand before him"
"Stand before his bar"

"Stand before me"
Stand before the king 
Stand by
Stand by the waters
"Stand fast in the faith"
Stand fast (abide) in the liberty wherewith ye are made free

"Stand forth" 
Stand forth and preach
Stand forth in the midst
"Stand in need"

Stand in the midst
Stand in the midst of the multitude
Stand on feet 
Stand to
Stand to judge

Stand to scatter the flocks
Stand up
"Stand upon the top thereof"

Stand with  
Stand with boldness
Stand with brightness
Stars in the firmament
"Stars of heaven"

"State became a state"
State becomes
"State of" 
State of awful wickedness 
State of happiness
State of man
State of misery

State of probation
State of the soul
State of unbelief
State of wickedness 
State of endless wo
Stay hand
Steadfast in the faith

"Steal away"
Steal away the hearts
"Stem of Jesse"
Stiffneckedness and unbelief
"Stiffnecked people"
Stiff necks
"Still small voice"

Sting of death
Stirred up unto repentance

Stir up
Stir up by 
Stir up in anger against
Stir up in remembrance
Stir up the people
Stir up to anger

Stir up to anger against their brethren
"Stolen the daughters of the Lamanites"
Stone of stumbling and a rock of offense

Stones and bind
Stones and slings 

Stones fastened in bows
Stones, prison 
The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner
Stop utterance
Storm and tempest

Storm beats
Stout heart
"A straight course"
Strait and narrow
"Strait and narrow path"
Strait and narrow path which leads to life
Strait gate
"Strange act"

"Strange land"
Stranger within thy gates 
"Strength and power"
Strength and wisdom

Strengthen faith
Strengthen in the Lord
Strengthen the hand
Strengthen thy stakes

Strength of hands
Strength of his arm
Strength of the Lord

Strength, power
"The strength thereof"
Stretched forth hand all the day long to a gainsaying people
"Stretch forth"
Stretch forth hand
"Stretched out"
"Stricken in years"

"Strict command"
Strict commandments

"Strict law"
"Strictness of the word"

Strict to observe
Strike with 
Strike with amazement
Strike with fear/terror
Stripped of
Strong and courage
Strong and mighty man

Strong and weak
"Strong cords"
"Strong drink"
Strong faith
Strong man
Struck with amazement
Stumble and fall
Stumbling block/stone
Stumbling of the Jews
Subjection to enemies

Subject themselves 
"Subject to" 
Subject to
Subject to bondage
Subject to the devil 
Subject unto him
Submissive, humble, patient
Submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love
Submit themselves
"Substance that"

Subtle plan 
Subtlety of the devil/serpent
Succor his people
Succor them who are tempted

Succor those who stand in need of your succor 
Such a/an
Such a/an one
Such abominations
"Such a great" 
"Such an one as never"
"Such an one as never had been"
"Such an one as never had been known"
Such an one as never had been known in the land
"Such as"
Such as never had been known in the land
"Such exceedingly great"
"Such exceedingly great joy"
"Such foolish" 
Such great 
"Such great power" 
"Such joy"
"Such things" 
"Such things must"
Suffer according to 
Suffer afflictions
Suffer all manner of afflictions 
Suffer and deliver
Suffer anguish 
Suffer death
Suffer death by fire
Suffered many things
"Suffered that"

Suffered themselves
"Suffereth himself" 
"Suffer, even unto death"
Suffer hunger 
Suffer hunger and thirst
Suffer hunger, thirst and fatigue
"Suffering and afflictions"
Suffering and death  
Sufferings and death of Christ 
Suffer long
Suffer many afflictions
Suffer much
Suffer much loss
Suffer pain and temptations
Suffer pains
Suffer temptations

Suffer that 
Suffer themselves 
Suffer themselves to be
Suffer themselves to be slain
Suffer thirst
"Sufficeth me"

"Sufficiently humble"
"Sufficiently strong"
"Sufficient number"
Sun shall be darkened

Suppose that
"Suppose that ye"
Suppose that ye are better
Suppose to be 
Suppose ye
"Suppose ye that"
"Supreme Being"
Sure foundation
"Surely come to pass"
"Surely the Lord"

"Surely there"
"Surely this"
"Surrounded by"

"Surrounded by the"
Surrounded by the Nephites
"Swallowed up (in the depths of the) sea"
Swallow up
Swallow up in joy
Swear in his wrath
 Swear with an oath
"Sweep away"
"Sweet wine"
"Swept off"
Sword and famine
Sword and pestilence
Sword and sheath

Sword fall
Sword, famine and pestilence
"Sword of justice"
The sword of justice/wrath/destruction/vengeance doth hang over you
"Sword of Laban"

Swords and bows
Swords and cimeters 

Swords and slings
Swords and spears 
Swords, bows and arrows
Swords, bows, arrows and shields   
Swords-plow-shares; Pruning-hooks-spears

Swords, spears and bows
"Sweet smell"
"Synagogue of the"
"Synagogue of the Jews"

"Tabernacle of clay"
Take advantage

Take again
Take and bind
Take and bind and carry
Take and bind and carry before the king 

Take and bind with cords
Take and bind with strong cords
Take and carry (more)

Take and carry (fewer)
Take and cast into a pit 
Take and slay
Take another 
Take armies
Take a small number 
"Take away"

Take away from
Take away life

Take away our stain
Take away plainness

Take away sins
"Take away the sins of the world"

Take before 
Take brethren
Take by the hand
Take captive
Take counsel
"Take courage"

Take daughters to wife
Take from
Take from them
"Take from the plates of Nephi"
"Take heed"
Take his family
"Take hold"
"Take from"

Take his name in vain 
Take in
Take infirmities
"Take it away"

Take leave
Take life 
Take me
Taken and bound
Taken and bound and cast into prison

Taken and cast
Taken and cast into prison
Take the name"
Taken in iniquity 
"Taken by the people"
Take nothing
Take no thought beforehand what ye shall say

Take others
Take out of the hands 

Take possession 
Take possession of the land
Take strength

Take swords
Take tents 
Take the body
Take the daughters
Take their journey

Take their journey in the wilderness 
Take their swords 
Take the king
Take the lead
Take the life

Take them in
Take the plates
"Take the prey"

Take the priests
"Take these plates"
"Take the spoil"
Take "to wife"

Take up
Take up arms
Take up arms against their brethren
"Take up arms against them"
"Take upon"
Take upon him
Take upon me 
Take upon the name
Take upon them
Take upon themselves
Take upon the sins and transgressions
Take upon the name of Christ
"Take upon you"
"Take upon you the name of Christ"
"Talk with him"
"Tame fruit"

"Tarried in the wilderness"
Tarry at Jerusalem

Tarry in
Tarry in the land
Tarry long(er)

Tarry many days
Tarry with
"Tarry with us"
"Taste of death"
"Taught from on high"

Taught in streets
Taught in the language
Taught in the temple

Taught to keep
Tax which was grievous to be borne

Teach among
Teach and preach
Teaching the law of Moses
Teach the children

"Teach the people"
"Teach them all things"

Teach them many things
Teach them that
"Teach them to"
Teach the things

Teach the word
"Teach the word" 
Teach the word of God 
Teach the word of God among them
Teach things
"Teach this people"
Teach to pray

Teach upon hills
Teach with diligence

Teach with power and authority from God 
Teach words 
Tell him
Tell me
"Tell me concerning"
Tell the king 
Tell the king all 
Tell them
Tell them that
Tell the truth
Tell things

Temples and sanctuaries
Temples and synagogues 
Temples and synagogues and sanctuaries
Temporal and spiritual

"Temporal death" 
Tempted above bear
Tempted bear
Tempt God
Tempt the Lord
Tender and delicate
"Tender mercies"
Tend flocks
"Tens of thousands"
"Ten thousand"

"Tenth year"
The tent of my father

Tents and families
"Testify against" 
Testify against them 
Testify boldly 
Testify concerning
"Testify of me"

Testify of these things
Testify of things 
Testify plainly 
Testify that 
Testify to
Testify to the things
Testify unto
"Testimony against"
Testimony of his word
"Testimony of Jesus"

"Testimony of Jesus Christ" 
Testimony of the things
"Testimony of three" 
"Testimony of two"

"Testimony which" 
Than all
"Than all they"
"Than for you"
"Thankful heart(s)"

Thank God
Thanks and praise

Thanksgiving to God
"Thanks to God" 

Thanks unto God
"Than that"

"Than they all" 
That after
That any man
"That day" 
That everlasting gulf of misery
That every man 
That flee
"That God"

That great
"That great city"

That Great Spirit
"That had come upon them" 
That had happened
"That he could not"

That he might
"That he might show"
"That he might show forth his power"
"That he should be" 
That he should be king
That he will
That I (1)
That I (2)
That I am  
That I know
"That I know these things"
That I may
That I may be 
"That I may be filled with joy"
That I may have 
"That I may receive" 
"That I may see"
"That I may slay him" 

"That I might"
That is
"That I should"

"That I should come"
"That I should tell" 
"That it came" 
"That it may be done"
"That it may be done according to my words"
"That it may have no place in you"
"That I was"

"That I were" 
"That I were an angel"
That I would 
That know these things
"That lucre" 
That man should 
That man should be
That many 
"That men should be judged according to their"
"That old serpent"

That part
"That perhaps"

That perhaps they might
That remain

"That same"
"That same day"
"That same God"
That same hour
"That same judgment"
That same year
"That selfsame"
"That thereby"
That thereby his people might
"That thereby they might"

"That there is a God" 
"That there shall be a Christ"
"That there should be" 
"That there should be a law"
"That there should be no Christ"
"That there should not any man" 
"That there were"
That these things 
"That the storm"
That they
That they (2)
"That they are" 
"That they are true"
That they did
That they did not 
"That they durst not"
That they had
That they had seen
"That they may" 
That they may be
"That they may be brought" 
"That they may be kept bright as a testimony" 
That they may not be tempted above that which they can bear
"That they might"
"That they might also"

"That they might be"
"That they might be called"
That they might be distinguished
"That they might cast" 
"That they might get"  
"That they might get gain" 
That they might know
That they might know of
"That they might not" 
"That they might not labor"
"That they might cross him"
That they might have
That they might not perish
"That they might rejoice"
That they not 
That they perish not
That they should 
That they should be
That they should build
That they should fall 
That they should have
"That they should not" 
"That they should not lay their hands on"
"That they should stop"
"That they were not" 
That they would
"That they would not"
"That thou art"
That was called
That we may
"That we may preserve"
"That went with" 
"That we should"
That we should obtain the record

That when
That (thing) which is great"
That which
"That which has been"

That which he
"That which his father had done"
"That which I have spoken"

"That which is" 
That which is just
"That which is just and true"

"That which is right"
"That which is to come"
"That which is/was good"
"That which is/was evil"

"That which is wrong" 
That which they had done
That which they have
"That which was"
That which was commanded
"That which was commanded"
"That which we have seen"

"That will I"
"That will I do"
That ye also 
"That ye may"
"That ye may be" 
"That ye may not"
"That ye may not be destroyed"
"That ye might perish"
"That ye would"
"The aged" 
"The cause of this"
"The Christ"

"Thee and me" 
Thee and thy seed 
"The end"
"The first" 
"Their belief"
Their brethren
"Their brethren had been slain"
"Their brethren, the Lamanites"
Their brethren who had been taken captive by the Lamanites 
Their carnal state
Their God 
Their harvest 
"Their hatred"

Their journeyings 
Their kindred who had been slain
Their land(s) 
"Their language" 
"Their lives"
"Their lot"
"Their love"

"Their names were" 
Their own
"Their own brethren"
"Their own free will" 
"Their own land"
"Their own souls"

"Their reckoning"
Their seed 
"Their sufferings"

Their time
"Their torment is as a lake of fire and brimstone, whose flame ascendeth up forever and ever"

"Their wives and their children"
The Lord commanded my father that he should depart into the wilderness
"The loss of the slain of the people"

Them all 
Them in me
"Them of old"
"Them of the Lord"

Themselves before
Themselves before to the earth
Themselves being 
Themselves together
"Themselves while in"
Themselves wholly
"Them that hate me" 
"Them that love me" 
Them/They and their
Them together
"Then cometh" 
Then do
"Then do I remember" 
Then have
Then if
Then if hearts are hardened
Then is the time 
"Then we will"
"The poor"
"There began to be"
"There began to be contentions"
"There being" 
There be many
"There be many things"
"Thereby they"
"Thereby they may be"
"Thereby they might"
"There came"
"There came a man"

There came a multitude
"There came a voice"
"There came many"
"There came many prophets"

"There can be" 
"There can be no"
"There can be nothing"
"There could"
"There could be"
"There could be no" 
"There could be nothing"
"There could have been no"
"Therefore go"
"Therefore, go to"

There had been no 
There has not been 
"Therefore have we"
Therefore he
"Therefore he said unto" 
"Therefore he took" 
"Therefore he was"
"Therefore, if ye will" 
Therefore I go
"Therefore I said"

"Therefore I say unto you"
"Therefore it came to pass" 

"Therefore I went"
"Therefore, I will" 
"Therefore, let us"
"Therefore, let us go"
Therefore perceived 
Therefore the king
Therefore they cannot 
"Therefore they durst not"
"Therefore, they had" 
Therefore they took up 
Therefore they were
Therefore, we have
Therefore whatsoever 
"Therefore when"
There has been 
There has not
"There having been"

"There is a"
"There is a God"

There is a Great Spirit 
There is a law
There is a resurrection 
There is but one God
"There is no end"
"There is no God" (beside me)
"There is no law"
"There is no light in them"
"There is none"
"There is none other way"
"There is no other"
There is no other way nor means whereby man is saved, only in and through Christ
"There is no peace, (saith the Lord), unto the wicked"

There is one
There is one God 
"There may be"
There must be
"There must needs be"
There never 
There never had been
"There never was"
"There never were"
"Thereof being"
There remaineth

"There shall be" 
"There shall be a"
"There shall be many"

"There shall be no"
"There shall be no Christ"

There shall not fail thee a man on the throne of Israel 
"There should"
"There should be"
"There should be no"
There should be no contention
There should be no persecutions among them
There was a
There was a great
"There was a great calm"
There was a great destruction
"There was a great famine"
There was a great slaughter
"There was a man among them whose name was"
"There was a place"
"There was no contention"
"There was no law"
"There was no law against a man's belief"
"There was no man"
"There was not"
"There was not one"
"There was no way" 
"There was one"
"There was one among them whose name was" 
"There was one day" 
There was not one soul
"There were many" 
"There were many among them"
"There were many that would not" 
"There were none who were"
There were (not) so many 
There were some
There were . . . who said that . . . was 
There will be 
"There would"
There would be 
There would have been
"The rich"
These are
"These are the names"
"These are the words"

"These are the words which"
"These are the words which he"
"These are the words which he said"
"These are the words which he spake"
"These are the words which he wrote"
"These are they" 
These are thoughts 
These brethren 
These my
"These my brethren"
These our
These our brethren
"These plates"
These plates, which contain these records
"These sayings are true"

These sons 
"These things"
"These things are true"

"These things ought not so to be"
These things ought not to be
"These things testify"
"These things unto" 
"These things unto him"
These things unto them
These things which
"(These) things which I write"
These/those circumstances
"These were the names" 
"The very"
The way that  
They all
"They answered" 
"They are blessed"

They are heirs 
"They are his"
"They are many"
"They are mine" 
They are not
They are pained 
They are raised
They are raised to dwell with God 
They are saved
"They are taught"

"They are true" 
They are/were among
"They are written"

They became
"They began to weep" 
They call their
They can die no more 
"They cannot be redeemed"
"They carried him"
"They could not all"

"They could not hit him"
"They could not hit him with their stones"
"They did also"
"They did cause"
They did follow
They did not
They did not progress in their journey
"They did not prosper"

"They did prosper" 
"They did slay"
"They durst not"
They had all things common 
They had fallen
"They had obtained" 
They have done
They have eternal life
"They have no knowledge" 

"They laughed us to scorn" 
They may be 
They may be in
"They might become"
"They might punish them" 
"They repented of the things which they had done" 
They said unto  
"They said unto the king"
"They shall be saved"
"They shall come"
"They shall come forth"
"They shall crucify him"

They shall not
They shall not be
"They shall perish"
"They shall return"

"They should be" 
"They should be destroyed" "if they did not repent"
"They should not be"
They themselves 
They took
"They took him" 
"They were about to"
"They were all" 
They were angry
They were angry with Alma 
They were a people 
They were baptized 
"They were determined" 
They were distinguished
"They were driven"
They were fed 
"They were firm"
"They were his brethren" 
"They were in"
"They were in bondage"
They were industrious
"They were in number"
They were many 
They were naked 
They were naked save it were a skin which was girded about their loins
They were not half so numerous
"They were prepared"
They were slain
"They were smitten" 
They were still 
They were struck 
They were struck dumb
They were struck with amazement
They were struck with fear (terror)
"They were taught" 
They were thus
"They were to receive" 
They were zealous
They who were baptized 
"They who will"
"They who will repent"
They who will not hear (the prophet like unto Moses) shall be cut off from among the people 
They would
They would give 
"They would not suffer"
"Thick darkness"
"Thickets of the forest(s)"

Thieves and robbers 
"Thine adversary"
"A thing of naught" 

Things against 
Things among
Things are done
Things are true
"Things as they are"

"Things concerning"
"Things have been prophesied concerning"

Things known
Things made manifest
"Things must"
"Things of God"

"Therefore they did"
"The things of my father"
"The things of the Lord"
"The things of the world"
"The things of this world"

They were led by
"Things pertaining to"
Things pertaining to righteousness

"Things pertaining to the kingdom of God" 
Things prepared
"Things to come"

Things unto the people
"The things whereof"
"Things which"
"Things which are"
"The things which are sealed"

Things which are temporal
"Things which are to come"
"Things which are written" 
Things which have been
"Things which have been spoken"
Things which have (never) been revealed

Things which they heard 
"Things which they had done"
"Things which they had seen" 
Thing which thou hast done
"These many years"
"The things which he had seen"
"Things which he saw"
"Things which he saw in a vision"
Things which I command
"The things which I have written"
"The things which my father"

"Things which never have been revealed"
Things which shall come to pass
Things which should shortly come to pass
"Things which the Lord"
The things which the Lord had shown
"Things which the Lord hath commanded"

Things which they
The things which they had done
Things which they had seen and/or heard
Things which were taught
"The thing that"

"Think himself"
Think of
Think of brethren 
(Third and) "Fourth Generation"

"The third day"
"The third time" 
Thirst water
This according to
"This account"
"This because"
"This because of"

"This cannot be"
"This day"
"This fellow"
"This generation" 

This great
"This great evil"
"This great work" 
This he did that he might
"This holy calling" 
This is 
"This is according to"
"This is a faithful saying"

This is all 
This is for 
This is God
This is my 
This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye Him

"This is my church"
"This is my joy" 
"This is not all"

"This is the blessing"
"This is the case"

This is the cause 
"This is the Great Spirit"
"This is the man"
"This is the name"

This is the number 
This is the plan
"This is the spirit of revelation" 
"This is the testimony" 
"This is the thing"
"This is the way"
"This is true"

This is what
"This Jesus"
"This king"
"This land"

This land is the land
"This long time"

This man is
This man reviles against
"This mortal"

"This much" 
This much I know
This much I tell
This much we know
"This my people"
"This once"
"This people"

"This period"
"This present time"

Those priests 
This that 
This that causes
This that he said 
This that they 
This their
"This they did" 
"This thing"
"This very"
"This very day"
"This very hour"

"This very people"
"This very purpose"

This was a time
This was done
"This was their"  
This we do 
"This (will) I do"
"This work"

Those are
Those of
Those of brethren 
Those of the Lamanites
"Those that" 
"Those that are"
Those that believe
"Those that were with him" 
Those things
"Those who" 
"Those who are"
Those who believe  
Those who believe on his name
Those who belong 
"Those who come"

Those who did not belong to the church 
Those who had been
"Those who had been slain"
Those who have
Those who have been 
Those who have not
"Those who know"
"Those whom they"
Those who sought to  
Those who sought to destroy
"Those who sought to slay"
"Those who were"
"Those who were called" 
"Those who were not"
Those who were once
"Those who were unbelievers"
"Those who were with" 
"Those who were with him"
"Those who will"
"Thou and this people"
"Thou and thy"
"Thou and thy brother(s)/brethren"
"Thou art"

Thou art a prophet
"Thou art blessed"
"Thou art merciful"
"Thou art my people"

"Thou art my servant"
"Thou art the man"

"Thou art not"
"Thou beholdest"

"Thou child"
"Thou fool"
"Thought he saw"

"Though they had"
"Thought it expedient"
Thoughts and intents of the heart
Thoughts of
Thoughts of the heart
"Thou hast been faithful"
Thou hast lied 
Thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God
"Thou hast power"
"Thou hast taught" 
"Thou hast testified" 
"Thou knowest"
"Thou lovest"
Thou of me
Thou saidst unto me
Thousands and tens of thousands 
Thousands of
Thousands of brethren
Thousands brought to knowledge 
Thousands of Lamanites 
"Thousands of the Lamanites"

Thousands of them
Thousands of souls
Thousands rejoice
Thou sayest 
Thou sayest that
"Thou seest that"
"Thou shalt"
"Thou shalt be"
"Thou shalt be blessed"

"Thou shalt not"
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing in heaven above or in the earth beneath   
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
"Thou shalt not commit adultery" 
"Thou shalt not covet"
"Thou shalt not go up" 
"Thou shalt not kill" 
"Thou shalt not steal" 
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

"Thou shalt receive" 
"Thou shalt surely" 
"Thou shalt surely die" 
Thou shouldst fall
Thou thyself 
"Thou wilt"
"Three days"
"Three days and three nights"
"Three days' journey"
Three days' journey into the wilderness

Three generations shall pass away in righteousness
"Three sons"

"Three witnesses"
"Threw down their weapons of war"
"Throne is high in the heavens"
"Throne of David"
"Throne of God"

"Through all the land" 
Through Christ
"Through faith"
"Through faith on"
"Through faith on his name"

"Through the blood" 
Through the blood of Christ
"Through the land" 
"Throughout all" 
"Throughout all the face of the land"
"Throughout all the land"

(Throughout) "all the land of Zarahemla"
"Throughout every"

"Throughout the land" 
Through the
"Through the atonement"
"Through the grace of God"

Through the merits 
"Through the power"
Through the power and wisdom
"Through the preaching of"
"Through the redemption"
Through the Red Sea on dry ground
"Through the wilderness"
"Through transgression"

Throw down
"Thrust down to hell"

Thrust in 
Thrust in sickle
Thrust in sickle with might
"Thrust out"
"Thrust through"
Thunder and lightning
Thunder and lightning and earthquake

Thus be
Thus becoming 
Thus being
"Thus came the voice" of the Lord unto me

Thus doth the Lord work 
"Thus ended" 
Thus ended the year 
Thus ended the year of the reign of the judges
Thus ended the year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi
"Thus far"
"Thus hath"
"Thus hath the Lord commanded me"

"Thus it is"
"Thus it is written"
"Thus it was" 
"Thus saith"
"Thus saith the Lord"
"Thus saith the Lord and thus hath he commanded me" 

Thus saith the Lord God
Thus saith the Lord God of Israel
Thus the Lord 
Thus there
"Thus they did" 
Thus they had
"Thus they were" 
"Thus they were prepared"
"Thus were" 
Thus were the
Thus we see 
Thy brethren
"Thy brother"
Thy faith hath made thee whole

Thy fathers
Thy house 
"Thy marvelings" 
"Thy people"
"Thy seed shall"

"Thy son"
"Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice"
"Thy will"
Thy will be done
"Till the earth/ground/land"

Till the ground 
Time appointed
Time come

"Time forward"
The time is at hand
"The time is not far distant"

Time of coming
The time of their coming 

Time passed away
Times and seasons 
The time shall come
"Times of old"
"The time should come"
The time speedily cometh
The time that father Lehi left Jerusalem 
Time that he
"Time to come"

"Time to repent"
Time when
Time which 
"To afflict them"
To all
"To all men" 
To all people
"To all the people" 
To an awful
"To and fro"
"To anger one with another" 

"To a place" 
"To assist us"
To astonishment
"To battle"
"To battle against"

To be
To be about to 
"To be a king"
"To be angry"
"To be a ruler"

"To be astonished"
"To be built" 

"To be content"
To be desirous

"To be divided"
"To be gathered"

"To be judged" 
To be judged according to works
"To be judged of"

To be judged of works
"To be obedient"

To be powerful 
"To be put"
"To be put to death"
"To be slain"
"To be their king"

"To bind all"
To boast/unto boasting
"To bring about" 
"To come forth in due time"

"To come into"
"Today, if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts"

To destroy him
To do
"To do according to"

To do evil
To do good 
To get 
To get gain 
"Together again" 
Together oft
Together to hear the word of God 
"To God"
To go with 
"To go with them"
To have known the ways of righteousness 
To his astonishment
To his holy 
"To his holy name" 
"To his own house"
"To his people"

"To his praise"
Toil and spin 

To joy
To know 
To know of 
Told all that had happened
Told all the things that had happened
"To love one another" 
To me
"Tongue of angels"

"Too much"
To our God
"Top of the hill" 
"To preach the word unto this people"
"To prepare for war"
"Tops of the mountains"
"The top thereof"

"To retain them"
To see them 
"To serve him"
To sit down in the kingdom of heaven to go no more out
"To slay him"
To slay them 
"To son(s)"

"To stand before" 
"To teach these things"
"To the church"
"To the devil" 
"To the dust" 
To thee 
To the earth 
To the east 
To the east, to the west, to the north, to the south
"To the eyes" 
To the feast
To the flames
"To the hill"

To their astonishment 
"To the king" 
To the kingdom
"To the knowledge"
"To the Lamanites"

To the land
To the land of 
To the land of Gideon
"To the land of Nephi"
"To the mountain"

To the north
"To the people" 
To the pleasure of 
To the sea
To the south 
"To the support"
"To the temple"

To the things
To the time 
To the west
To this
"To touch him" 
"Touched her hand" 
"Touch me not"

Touch not 
To/unto brethren
To/unto his father
"To war"
"To war against"

Toward the (east|north|west|south)
"Towards God"

Towards men
Toward(s) the
Towards the children 
"Towards the children of men"

Towards the city 
Towards the house 
"Towards their brethren"
Towards the land 
Towards the people 
Towards us
Toward the wilderness 
Tower near the temple 

To which 
To which I
"To wife"
"To witness"

"To worship"
To worship God
"To worship him"
To you
"To your condemnation" 
"The tradition of"
Traditions of fathers
Traditions of their fathers, which were not correct

Traditions of the Lamanites
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Trample the Holy One under their feet
"Trample under feet"

Trample under their feet the commandments of God
Transgress against 
Transgress against me 
Transgress contrary
Transgression of Adam

Transgression of parents
Transgressions of people 
Transgressor from
Transgress the law
"Transgress the laws of God"
Translate records
"Translated by the gift and power of God"

Travails of soul
"Travel in the wilderness"

Travel round about
"Tread down"
Tread the winepress
"Tread under foot"
Tread under foot
Treasure heart

Treasures in heaven
"Treasures in heaven" not corrupted
Treasures of knowledge

Treasures on earth
"A treaty with"
"The tree of life"
Trees of my vineyard
"Trees of the wood"

"Tremble before God"
"Tremble exceedingly"

Tremble under 
"Tremendous battle"
Trespass against me
Trial of faith

Trial of patience 
Trials and troubles
Trials, troubles, and afflictions

"Tribute of wine"
Trifle with words
"Trodden under feet"

Trouble me
Trouble no more
"True and faithful"

True and living
"True and living God"
"True Church"
"The Spirit of the Lord came upon" them
"The true faith"
"A True Friend"

"True God"
"True knowledge of their Redeemer"
"The true Messiah"
"The true vine"

Truly great
Truly mourn
"Truly spake"
"They are true"
"Truly penitent"
"Truly testified"
"Truly testify of Christ"

"The trump of God"
Trust in God
"Trust in the Lord"

Trust no one to be
Trust not in the arm of flesh
"Truth and soberness"
"The Truth"
Truth and soberness
Truth in Christ
"The truth of all things"
"Truth of God"

Truth of his words 
Try hearts
Try their patience
"Tumble to the earth"
"Tumultuous noises"

"Turn again"
Turn again and prophesy unto the people
"Turn aside"
"Turn aside out of the"
"Turn aside the just for a thing of naught"

Turn aside to the right hand or to the left
"Turn away"
Turn away anger

Turn backs
Turn every one 
Turn from
"Turn from our iniquities"
Turn the hearts of the children to the fathers

Turn themselves
Turn themselves to
Turn the needy
Turn to me
"Turn to the Lord"
Turn upon own heads
Turn upside down

"The Twelve"
"Twelve Apostles"

"Twelve days"
"Twelve others"
"Twelve others following him"

"The twelve tribes"
"The twelve tribes of Israel"
Twenty and four
"Two days"
"Two days and two nights"

Two-edged sword
"Two hundred years"

Two lions 
Two sons
"Two stones"
"Types and shadows"


Unalterable decree
"Unavoidably perish"

Unbelievers persecute  
"Unclean thing" 
Under a consciousness of his guilt
"Under condemnation"
Under feet
Under responsibility

Understanding hearts
"Understanding of the children of men"
"The understanding of men"
Understanding of the prudent
Understand mysteries
Understand my words

Understand not 
"Understand the law" 
Understand words
Under the power 
"Under the reign of"
Understand these things 
Understand not the words which they spake  
Undertaken a great work 
Undertaken the work
"Under the earth"
"Under the sound of voice"

"Under the sword"
Under this head
"Under thy hand"
Unfold mystery

Unfold revelations
Unfold unto 
"Unholy temples"
Unite themselves
"Unless they"
Unpardonable sin
"Unprofitable servants"
Unquenchable fire
Unquenchable flames

"Unrighteous king"
Unsearchable depths
Unshaken faith
"Until he was dead"

Until it became
"Until now"

Until the day
"Until the days of"

"Until the end" 
"Until the reign of"
"Until the time"

Until the year 
"Until they had"
Until they have
Until they returned 
Until they should
"Until they were" 
"Unto all good works"
"Unto all men"
"Unto all nations"
"Unto all the people"

Unto death
Unto death or unto life 
Unto destruction 
Unto eternal
Unto eternal life
Unto him again
"Unto him this day"
"Unto his children"

Unto his people
Unto his wife
Unto into

Unto life
Unto many 
"Unto me"
"Unto me concerning"

Unto my sons
"Unto my people" 

Unto my words 
Unto our brethren
"Unto our fathers"
Unto own

"Unto salvation" 
Unto such
"Unto the children of men"

Unto thee
Unto the end
"Unto the house of"
"Unto their brethren"
"Unto the king"
"Unto the Lamanites"

Unto the land
"Unto the Lord"

Unto them (1)
Unto them (2)
Unto them also
Unto them, saying
"Unto them, saying" 
Unto themselves 
"Unto the Nephites"
"Unto the people"
"Unto the poor"

Unto the regions round about
Unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me 
Unto the woman
"Unto the world"

Unto this
Unto this people 
"Unto this people, saying Repent ye"
"Unto those"
"Unto those who"
"Unto/to my father"
Unto/Until death
"Unto us"
Unto you (1)
Unto you (2)
"Unto you again"
"Unto your God"
"Unto you who" 
Up all 
Up at the last day
"Up before"

"Up beyond"
"Up his mind"
"Up in rebellion" 

Up into
Up into their hands
"Up into the wilderness"
"Upon all nations"
"Upon a rock"

Upon brethren 
Upon fathers 
Upon feet 
Upon heads
"Upon him"
"Upon his bed"
"Upon his shoulder"

Upon his son
"Upon his throne"

Upon mercy
"Upon own heads"
"Upon plates"

Upon riches 
"Upon the armies"
Upon the bed  
Upon the children  
"Upon the children of men"
"Upon the earth"
"Upon the face of"
"Upon the face of the earth"
"Upon the face of the land"

"Upon the ground" 
"Upon the hill"
Upon their backs 
Upon their foreheads 
Upon their knees
"Upon the Lamanites"
"Upon the land" 

Upon them 
Upon them all 
Upon the mercies
"Upon the mountains" 
Upon the Nephites
Upon the people
"Upon the people" 
"Upon the people of Nephi"
"Upon the rock"

"Upon the seashore"
"Upon these plates"

Upon the servant 
Upon the shoulders 
"Upon the top of"
"Upon the waters"
"Upon the whole earth"

"Upon which" 
Upon which they stood
"Up out"

Up out of
"Up out of the land"

"Upright in
Upright in heart
Up souls
"Up to battle"
"Up to dwell"
Up to Jerusalem

"Up to the land" 
Up to the land of Jerusalem
Up to the land of Nephi
"Up to the temple"

"Up to war"
"Up unto the land"
"Up unto the land of Zion"

Up unto themselves
"Us all"
Use sharpness

Use weapons 
Use weapons for the shedding of man's blood
Us not 
Us over
Usurp authority
Usurp power 
Usurp power and authority
"Utter against"
"Utter destruction"
Utterly be destroyed"
Utterly destroyed
"Utterly refuse"


Vain and flattering
Vain and foolish

Vain and foolish things
Vain hope
Vain strugglings

"Vain things"
"The vain things of the world"
"Vain words" 

The valley of Gideon
The valley of Gideon, being called after the man who had been slain by the hand of Nehor with the sword
"Vanish away"
"Vapor of darkness"

"Vary from"
"Vary from that which he hath said"
Veil away
"Veil of unbelief"
Vengeance come 
Vengeance upon 
Verified words
"Verily, I say unto you"

"Very beautiful"
"Very cause" 

"Very costly"
"Very cunning"
"The very Eternal Father"
"Very high" 

"Very low"
"Very soon"

"Very sorrowful"
"Very strict law" 
Very subtle
The very thought
"Victory over" 
The vineyards of the Lord
"Visionary man"
Visions and dreams
Visit brethren

Visited by angels
"Visited of the Lord"

Visited with destruction  
Visit in anger
"Visiting the iniquities"

"Visit many"
Visit me

Visit the people 
Visit the sick

"Visit us"
Visit with destruction
"Visit with the manifestations of my Spirit"
Visit with the Spirit
Visit with utter destruction
Voice against
Voice crying from the dust

Voice of angels
The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight

The voice of the good shepherd
"The voice of the Lord"
The voice of the Lord came
"Voice of the people"
"The voice of the Son"
"The voice of the Spirit"

Voice of thunder
"Voice of thunder"

Voice to shake the earth 
Void and of none effect
"Vultures of the air"


Wade through much affliction/tribulation

Wages of
Wail and mourn
Wait upon
"Wait upon the Lord"
"Walk after" 

"Walk after the holy order of God"
Walk before God 
Walk blameless
Walk circumspectly

Walk honestly
Walk humbly 
"Walk in all"
Walk in darkness
"Walk in his paths"
"Walk in the light"
Walk in the ways
"Walk in the ways of the Lord"

Walk on feet
"Walk through"

Walk uprightly
Walk uprightly before God
"Walk uprightly" (before God)

"The wall of the temple"
"Walls of Jerusalem"

"Walls of the"
"Walls of the city"

"Walls of the house"
"Walls of the prison"
Walls thereof
"Wanderers in a strange land"
"Wandering for days"

Wander in strange
Wander in the wilderness

War against
"War against the Nephites"
War a good warfare
War and peace
War between

War between the Nephites and Lamanites
Warned of iniquities
"Warned of the Lord"
"Wars and bloodshed"
Wars and contentions

"Wars and contentions among"
Wars and contentions and dissensions
Wars and contentions and destructions
(Wars and) "contentions in the land"
"Wars and rumors of wars"

Was a descendant of
"Was and is"
"Was and is and is to come"

Was and is and is to come
"Was called" 
"Was divided"
"Washed away"

Washed from 
Was in the land
Was/is able

Was journeying
"Was like to be" 
"Was not this"
"Was sent by the Great Spirit"
"Was spoken"
"Was spoken of"
"Was spoken of by"
"Waste places"

Was the custom 
Was the first
"Was the foremost"
"Was upon him" 
Was/were no more 
Was with
"Was wroth"
"Was wroth with"
Watch and pray
Watch and pray continually
Watch over 
"Watch over the church"
Watch the camp
Water flocks
"Water of affliction"

Water of life
"Waters of" 
"Waters of baptism"
"Waters of Mormon"
"The waters of Sebus"
"Waters of Sidon"
"Waters of the Red Sea"
"Waters of the river"
"The waves of the sea"
Waxed great

Wax gross
"Wax old as a garment"
"Waxed bold"
"Wax in iniquity"
Wax old
"Wax strong"
"Wax strong in the land"

Way in the
"The way of all the earth"

The way of righteousness
Way of sin 
"The way of the righteous"
Ways and means
"Ways of"
"The ways of God"
The ways of his father
"Ways of remembrance"
"The ways of the Lord"

The ways of the righteous 
Ways of transgressor
"The ways of truth"

The way which leads
"Weakness in writing"
"The weapons of his indignation"
"Weapons of war"

Wear costly apparel
We are faithful to him
"We are guilty"
"We are not"

"We are not of thy church" 
"We are the brethren of"
"Wear stiff necks and high heads"

We believe 
"We be not"
We came into
We do
We do know 
"We do not"
"We do not believe"
"We do rejoice"

Weep and howl 
Weep because
Weeping and wailing
Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth
We go up
We have been
We have been instruments in his hands
"We have enough"
We have reason
"We have seen"

"We have spoken"
We have them
"We have to mourn"

We have wrought
"We hid ourselves"
Weighed down"
Weighed down with sorrow
"We knew of Christ"
"We know"

We know not
"We know that"
"We know that if"
We know that it is by grace

"We know that thou"
The "
welfare of your souls"
"Well did" 
"Well doth"
Well doth he cry by the voice of angels
"Well nigh"
"Well pleased"
"Well with"
"Well with us"

We may understand
"We need no more"

"Went about" 
Went and began
"Went and did"

"Went and stood forth"
"Went before"
"Went down"
"Went forth"

Went forth again
Went forth towards
"Went his way"

"Went immediately"
"Went in"
"Went in unto"

Went their ways
"Went up"
"Went up out of"
"We ourselves"
"We ourselves also"

"Were angry"
"Were angry with"

Were contending 
"Were desirous that they might"
"Were desirous to"
"Were distinguished"
"Were in bondage" 
Were in the land
Were in the land of
"Were it not"
"Were it not for"

"Were it not that" 
Were journeying
Were naked  
Were no more
"Were of the profession of Nehor"
"Were spared"
Were the priests
Were to come
"We returned"

Were/was one
Were with 
Were with Alma at the time the angel appeared unto them
We said unto 
We see 
We see that
"We shall fall" 
"We shall go"
"We should have been"

West side
We suppose 
We suppose that 
"We went forth"
"We will be"
We will be their slaves/servants/bondmen

We will give
We will go
We will go down
"We will perish" 
"We will rejoice"
"We will return"
What all these things mean
"What cause"
What could
"What could I"
What could I have done more for my vineyard?

What desire
"What desirest thou?"
What does/doth
What does this mean
What doth it profit
What doth the Lord require of thee
"What great" 
"What great destruction"
"What great things" 
"What had happened"
"What have"
What have we to do with 
What have ye 
What I say 
"What I shall do"
What is it
What is meant by 
What is that 
What is that thou
"What is the cause" 
"What is this" 
What is this that
What is this that thou
What it is 
What I will do 
What man is there
"What manner"
"What meaneth"
"What mean ye"

What profit
"What say ye?"

"What shall I do" 
What shall I do that I may have eternal life
What shall I say
"What shall we do"

"Whatsoever a man"
Whatsoever circumstances
Whatsoever is good 
"Whatsoever land they"
"Whatsoever place"
"Whatsoever they did"
"Whatsoever things"
"Whatsoever thou desirest" 
"Whatsoever thou wilt"  
"Whatsoever thou wilt ask"
Whatsoever ye ask
Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father, it shall be given you

"What that meaneth" 
What the Lord
"What the Lord had done"
"What these things mean"
What these things mean
"What they had done"
What they should do 
What they should say
"What things should happen unto"
"What things soever"

"What to say"
"What wilt thou"
What wilt thou that I should do for thee
What would that they should do
What ye have seen 
"What ye shall"
"What ye shall do"
"What ye should do"

What ye should do
What you do 
What you do with me shall be a type of things to come
"What you shall do"
When he had said
"When he had said these things"
When Alma had said these words 
When a man
"When Ammon had said these words"
When he had said these words
When he had said this
"When he heard that" 
"When he saw that"
When he saw them
"When I came"
"When I came to"
"When I had spoken these words"

"When I see"
"When my father"
"When my father saw"

"When she saw"
"Whe she saw him"
"When that day shall come"
"When the day cometh"

When their hearts were
"When the king"
"When the king had" 
"When the Lamanites" 
When the Lamanites found
"When the Lamanites saw" 
"When the multitude"
When the night came

"When the people" 
When the people saw
"When there were"
"When the servant"

When the storms
"When the time"
When the time (was, shall) come(th)

"When they had"
When they had all
"When they had arrived" 
When they had done
When they had done this
When they had heard these words
When they had heard the words 
When they had heard this
When they had spoken these words 
When they saw 
"When they saw it" 
When they saw that
"When they saw that they could not"
When they saw the 
"When thou shalt make" 
"When we are"
"Whereby man can be saved"
Whereby salvation comes
"Whereby ye may"
"Wherefore, go to"
"Wherefore he said"
"Wherefore, it came to pass"
"Wherefore, it is"

"Whereof they" 
"Where they had"
"Wherewith God has"
"Wherewith the Lord"

Wherewith they have
"Wherewith they have been" 
Whether be
Whether good or bad 
"Whether he"
"Whether he be" 
Whether it be
"Whether it were"
Whether ... or whether

"Whether out" 
"Whether they be"
Whether they be good or whether they be evil

"Whether they will"
Whether to do good or evil
Which are according to
"Which are correct" 
"Which are in"
Which are/is/were in 
Which are/is/were/was/am not
Which are not written (in this book)
"Which are to come"

Which be in 
Which belong to
Which bind
"Which cannot be"
"Which cannot be uttered"

Which comes by
"Which contain"

Which divided
Which doth cause to shrink from the presence of the Lord
"Which ever"

Which give 
Which give unto
"Which had been spoken" 
Which had been spoken by the prophets, even down to the time that father Lehi left Jerusalem
"Which has been"

Which has been spoken
"Which hath been spoken of"
Which have been 
"Which have been done" 
Which have been spoken
"Which have been spoken"
Which have been spoken by the holy prophets
"Which have been spoken by the mouth of"

Which have received
"Which he did receive" 
Which he had
Which he had prepared
"Which he has given"
"Which he hath"
"Which he read"

Which he said
Which he said concerning 
"Which he spake"
"Which he testified"
"Which he wrote"
"Which his father"
"Which I command"
"Which I had seen"

Which I have been
"Which I have made"
"Which I have made unto the children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh"
"Which I have prepared"
"Which I have spoken"

"Which I have spoken unto you"
"Which I have told you"
"Which I have written"
"Which I made/make"

Which I put
"Which is" 
Which is after
"Which is also" 
"Which is, being interpreted"
"Which is contrary"
Which is endless
"Which is in Christ"

"Which is in Christ Jesus" 
Which is just 
"Which is in"
"Which is in me"
"Which is in thee"

Which is in the land
"Which is in us"
Which is on
"Which is one God"

"Which is prepared"
"Which I spake"

"Which is right"
Which is the end
Which is the land
"Which is the name"
"Which is this"
"Which is to come"

"Which saith" 
Which say
Which shall
Which shall be
"Which shall be left"

"Which shall be shed"
"Which shall be written"

Which spoke
Which spoke of
Which testified
"Which the angel"
"Which the Lord"
Which the Lord had shown
"Which the Lord made"

Which they call 
"Which they could"
"Which they had"
"Which they had done"
"Which they had made"
Which they had sent 
Which they have committed
"Which things"

"Which thou"
"Which thou hast" 
"Which thou hast had"
"Which thou hast spoken"  
Which was among
Which was called 
"Which was caused by"
"Which was east of" 
Which was established
"Which was in them"
"Which was laid"
"Which was near"
"Which was north of" 
Which was on 
Which was on the
Which was over
"Which was possessed by"
"Which was prepared"
"Which was prepared from the foundation of the world"

"Which was south of"
"Which was spoken"
"Which was spoken of"

"Which was written"
"Which was written by"
Which we have
"Which were brought"
"Which were delivered"
"Which were engraven"
"Which were engraven on the plates of brass"

"Which were given" 
Which were under
"Which were upon"

"Which we will"
Which ye call 
Which ye made
"While he was" 

While he was thus 
"While in the wilderness"
"While I was"

"While others"
While they were (form)
"While they were" 

"While they were thus"
"While thou art"
"While we were"
Whirlwind shall carry them away
White garments
"White robe"
White through the blood of the Lamb

"Whither he" 
Whither he fled
Whither he go
"Whither he was"
"Whither I go"
"Whither shall I go"
"Whithersoever I will"

"Whither the Lord"
Whither they fled 
Who also
"Who are now"
Who are sons 
"Who art thou" 
"Who believe"
Who believe on his name
"Who belonged to"
"Who belonged to the Church of God"
Who belonged to their band

Who came out of the land 
"Who can"
"Who can deny"
"Who can hear it?"

"Who can say"
Who can tell
Who caused
"Who consisted of" 
"Who could"
"Who created all things"
"Who deny"

"Who did not belong" 
Who do
"Who dwell"

Who first 
Who go forth
Who had
Who had been 
"Who had been sent"
Who had been slain
"Who had been with" 
"Who had fled" 
Who had/had not been converted
"Who had the keys of"

"Who hath believed our report" 
Who have 
Who have been
"Who have not"

Who have received 
Who is
Who is God 
"Who is he" 
Who is one
Who is the father
"Who is the Lord?"

Who knoweth
"Who knoweth"
"Who knoweth but" (what)
"The whole earth"
The whole earth is full of his glory
"Whole heart"
"The whole land"
The whole need no physician, but they that are sick
"Whole Palestina"
"Whole soul"
"Whom he hath chosen"
"Whom shall I send?" "Here am I, send me."
"Whom they had"

"Whom thou hast"
Whom ye call king

Who never
"Whore of all the earth"
Whoredoms and abominations
Whore sitteth upon many waters

"Who said that"
"Whose brother"
"Whose flame ascendeth up forever and ever"

"Whose name" 
"Whose name is"
"Whose name was" 
Whose ways
"Who shall be"
"Who shall come"
"Who shall come down"

"Who shall declare"
"Who shall declare his generation?"
"Who should be"
"Who should come"
"Who should possess the land" 
Who slew
"Whosoever among you"

Whosoever believeth
"Whosoever bringeth forth" 
"Whosoever denieth" 
Whosoever did belong 
Whosoever doeth
Whosoever doeth this
"Whosoever doeth this"

Whosoever doth not
Whosoever repented
"Whosoever shall"
"Whosoever transgresseth"
"Whosoever were desirous" 
Whosoever will
Whosoever will/shall/would not
"Whosoever will not repent" 
"Whosoever would"
Whosoever would believe
Who they say is God 
"Who told thee" 
Who was
"Who was a descendant of"
"Who was also" 
Who was king over 
"Who was the son of" 
Who were 
"Who were called the people of"
"Who were converted"
"Who were in the land"

"Who were not slain" 
Who were of 
"Who were once"
Who were over
"Who were scattered"

Who were slain 
Who were the
Who were the people of 
"Who were under"
"Who were with" 
"Who will repent"
"Who will repent and believe on his name"
"Who would not"
"Who would not hear his"
Why did
"Why did he not"
Why did ye not
"Why do ye"
"Why do ye not" 
Why do not
"Why hath Satan" 
Why have not
Why not

Why persecute
"Why persecutest thou" 
Why should
Why should I 
"Why should I desire"
"Why tempt ye"
"Why tempt ye me"
"Why will ye die?"
"Wicked and adulterous"
Wicked and perverse

Wicked and righteous
Wicked and stiffnecked
Wicked destroy

Wicked fathers
 Wicked generation
"Wicked man"
Wickedness, abominations and whoredoms
"Wickedness and abominations"
"Wickedness and abominations of his people"

Wickedness and plunder
Wickedness and whoredoms
Wickedness and unbelief

Wickedness of hearts 
The wickedness of men
"Wickedness of the" 
"The wickedness of the church"
"The wickedness of the people"

"The wickedness of the wicked"
"Wicked ones"
"Wicked part"
"The wicked shall perish"

Wicked traditions
Wicked traditions of fathers
"Wicked ways"
Wicked, wild and ferocious

Widows and children
Widows and fatherless

Widows mourning
Wild and ferocious

"Wild animals"
"Wild beasts"
"Wild branches"

"The wilderness by night" 
"The wilderness on the west"
"The wilderness side" 
Wilderness which
Wild, ferocious and blood-thirsty
"Wild flock"
"Wild fruit"
"Wild goats"

Wild, hardened and ferocious
"Wild olive tree"

"Wilfully rebel"
"Will and pleasure"

Will believe
"Will be merciful"
"Will be saved"

Will come
Will concerning 
Will condemn
Will deny
Will destroy 
Will give unto
"Will go forth"

"Will I do"
"Willing to bear"
Willing to keep the commandments
"Willing to take upon"
Willing to take upon them the name of Christ

"Will know"
"Will make for" 
"Will not believe"
Will not deny 
"Will not hearken" 
Will not repent
"Will not slay"
"Will not suffer"
"Will not turn away" 
"Will not understand"
"The will of God"
"The will of the devil"

"The will of the Father"
Will of the flesh

"The will of the Lord" 
Will remember
Will/shall not suffer
"Will show unto you"

Will slay 
Will spare
Will understand
"Will ye give" 
Will ye go
Will ye persist 
"Wilt thou"
"Wilt thou hearken unto"
Wind blow
Wine and milk
Wine in abundance 

Win souls
Win the hearts
Wisdom and justice
Wisdom, justice and mercy
Wisdom and knowledge
Wisdom and mercy
Wisdom and power
Wisdom and prudence
Wisdom and understanding
"Wisdom in"
"Wisdom in God"
"Wisdom in me"
"The wisdom of God"

The wisdom of the world
Wisdom power and justice
Wisdom power and mercy
Wisdom power justice and mercy
Wise and learned
(hid from) Wise and prudent
Wise, learned, and rich
Wise men
Wise, yet harmless

With adversaries 
"With a great slaughter"
"With all"
"With all diligence"
"With all might"
With all the heart

"With all their hearts" 
"With Alma" 
With a loud voice
"With anger"
"With an oath"
"With another"

With armies
"With a rod"
"With a strong hand"

With a voice
"With boldness"

"With bones" 
With brethren 
With brother
With chains 
"With clubs" 
"With compassion"
"With contempt"

Withdraw themselves
"Withdraw yourselves from"

With enemies
Wither away

With blood
"With gladness"

With God
(With God, there is) "no variableness, neither shadow of changing/turning"

With grace  
"With great anxiety"
With guards 
"With guile"
With hands 
"With his brethren"
"With his family"
"With his own sword"

"With his people"
"With his power"
With his stripes we are healed 
Withhold food
"Withholding your substance"

"With hunger" 
Within selves 
With intent
"Within the borders of" 
"With their armies" 
"With their flocks"
"With their wives and their children" 
With the things
"Within the veil"
"Within the walls"
"Within the walls of the temple"

"Within thy gates" 
"With joy" 
With many
With might

With mighty power
With mine own hand(
With much
"With much faith"
"With my brethren"
"With my brother"
"With my father"
"With my people" 

With numbers 
"With one"
"With one accord"
"With one voice"

Without any
"Without arms" 
Without beginning
Without "beginning of days"
"Without beginning of days or end of years"

"Without ceasing"
"Without end"

"Without God" 
"Without God in the world"
"Without me"
"Without measure"
"Without money and without price"
"Without spot"
"Without the gate"
"Without the walls"

With own hands
"With patience"
"With pleasure"
"With power"
"With real intent"
"With sorrow"

With spirit
Withstand blows
"Withstand them" 
Withstand words 
With such
"With the church" 
With thee
"With the great"
"With the help"

"With the Holy Ghost" 
With their brethren
"With their father"
With their might 
With their own eyes
"With the king"
"With the Lamanites"
"With the land of" 
"With the Lord" 
"With the Nephites"
"With the people"
"With the spirit"
"With the sword"

"With the trump of God"
"With the wicked"
"With the word"

With things
With this
"With this people" 
With trump(ets)
"With us"

With which 
"With which"
With which they are bound
With young
"Witness against"
"Witness against them"

"Witness before" 
Witness destruction
Witnesses of God 
Witnesses testify
"Witnesses this day"

Witness for me 
Witness it 
"Witness of"
"Witness of it"
Witness to the world
Witness unto the father

Wives and children
Wives and concubines

Wives, sons and daughters
"Wo be unto"
"Wo be unto the Gentiles"
"Wo be unto this" 

Wo(e) (be) unto you
Woe to them that are at ease in Zion
"Wo(e), wo(e), (wo(e))"
Woe unto Jerusalem
"Woe/wo unto"
Wolf and lamb

Wolves enter 
Wolves enter among you
"Woman" (as a form of address)
"Women and children"
Wonder and amazement

Word and power 
The word and power of God
The word came to 
Word in us 
The word of
Word of God"
Word of God is fulfilled 
Word of God of none effect 
Word of God unto the Lamanites 
"The word of God would have been void"
"Word of his command"
"Word of the angel"
"The word of the Lord"
The word of the Lord is verified
Word of the Lord is "verified, which he spake unto our fathers, saying that: Inasmuch as ye will (not) keep my commandments ye shall (not) prosper in the land"
Words and deeds

Words and thoughts 
Words and works
Words cannot return void 
Words condemn
Words fulfilled
Word shall not pass away
"Words in thy mouth"

The words of
"The words of Abinadi"
"Words of Alma" 
"The words of Ammon"
"The words of Amulek" 
The words of brother
"Word(s) of Christ"

Words of fathers
"The words of Isaiah"
"The words of my father"

Words of my mouth
"Words of Nephi"
"Words of soberness"
"The words of the book"
"Words of the Jews"

The words of the king 
"The words of the people"
"Words of the prophets"
"Words of the righteous"

Words of servants
"The words of this people"
"Words of truth"
Words shall condemn
Words shall proceed forth"
Words that are written
Words unto the people 
"Words upon plates"

Words which
"Words which are written"

"Words which had been spoken"
"Words which have been spoken"

"The words which he should speak"
"The words which he should speak unto them"
Word(s) which he spake

The words which he spake unto Lehi, saying: Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land, and inasmuch as ye will not keep my commandments ye shall be cut off from the presence of the Lord
"Words which I shall speak"
Words which I spake
The words which Jacob, the brother of Nephi, spake unto the people of Nephi

Words which they
Words which they heard
Words which they spake 
Words which thou hast spoken 
Word unto them
Word void
The word which [he] hath spoken

Word which is
"Work all manner of"
"Work all manner of work"

Work commence
Work commence among
Workers of iniquity
Worketh in me
"Working mighty miracles"
"Workings of the Spirit"
"The workmanship thereof"
"The workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine"

Work miracles
"Work of destruction" 
"Work of hands"

"Work righteousness"
Works and thoughts
Works of his hands
Work of their hands, that which their fingers have made
"Work out your own salvation with fear" and trembling
"The work(s) of the Lord"
The work shall commence
"Works of darkness"

"Works of justice"
"The works of justice could not be destroyed"

Works of righteousness 
Work upon 
"The world began"
The world shall be burned
"The world to come"
"The world was made"
Worms cover

"Worse than"
Worship before
Worship before the altar
Worship God
Worship God "in spirit and in truth"
"Worship idols"
"Worship the Father" (in his name)

"Worship the Lord" 
"Worship the Lord their God"
"Worthy of death" 
Would believe
Would even 
"Would grant" 
"Would grant unto"
"Would grant unto them"
"Would have been" 
"Would have caused" 
Would hear
Would hearken
Would keep
Would not believe
"Would not hear"
"Would not hearken"
Would not hear the words
"Would not keep" 
"Would not receive me"
"Would not repent"
"Would not suffer"

Would not take arms/weapons
"Would not that"

Would not that they should
Would rather 
Would receive
Would suffer
"Would tarry"
Would that
Would that he should
"Would that I"

Would that I should
Would that men should
Would that they should
"Would that we should"
Would that ye should
"Would to God"

"Wo unto all"
"Wo unto such"
"The wrath of God"
"The wrath of the Lord"

Wrath upon
Wrath upon you
Wrestle before God

Wrest the scriptures
Wrest the scriptures to their own destruction
Write a few
Write a few of the words
Write a few things
"Write a few words"

Write all the words
Write book
Write but a little
Write many things
"Write somewhat"

Write them
"Write these things"
"Write the words"
Write things

Write unto
Write upon plates
"Written and sealed"
"Written and sent forth"

"Written by" 
"Written by the prophets"
Written in the book
Written in the book of life
Written in their hearts 
"Written in this book"
Wrote this record

"Wroth with"
"Wroth with him" 

"Wroth with me"
"Wrought upon"




Yea, all those 
Yea, and all
"Yea, and also"
"Yea, and also there was"
Yea, and behold
"Yea, and I"

Yea, and I also
Yea, and it
Yea, and it shall be
Yea, behold
"Yea, concerning"
"Yea, even"

Yea, even all
"Yea, even a very" 
"Yea, even out of" 
"Yea, even that"
Yea, even they did
"Yea, he is"
"Yea, he saith" 
Yea, he that
Yea, I
Yea, I believe 
"Yea, if thou" 
Yea, I have
Yea, I know 
Yea, in
Yea, into 
Yea, I say
"Yea, I say unto you" 
"Yea, I will" 
Ye look forward
"Yea, Lord" 
"Ye also know"

Yea, my 
Yea, neither
"Ye are angry"
"Ye are blessed"

"Ye are desirous"
"Ye are fallen"
"Ye are gone"

Ye are guilty
Ye are indebted unto him

"Ye are murderers" 
Ye are my brethren
"Ye are not the sheep of the good shepherd"
"Ye are permitted to"
"Year of his age"

"Year of his reign" 
Year of the judges
"Year of the reign of"

"Year of the reign of the judges" 
Year of the reign of the judges ended
"Year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi"
"Years old"
Years passed away

Yea, say unto 
Yea, there 
Yea, they did
Yea, verily I say
Yea, we have  
Yea, we will
Ye be not 
"Ye cannot" 
"Ye cannot know" of their surety
"Ye cannot say"
"Ye cannot suppose" 
"Ye do not know"
"Ye do not know that they are true"
"Ye do not understand" 
Ye for yourselves
"Ye have heard"

"Ye have not" 
Ye have seen
Ye have sold yourselves for naught
"Ye know"

Ye know of yourselves
"Ye know that"

Ye may also
"Ye may be"
"Ye may be found"
Ye may know that
"Ye may learn"
"Ye may learn wisdom"

Ye may understand
Ye me
Ye must pray
"Ye need not suppose"

"Ye ought to be beloved" 
Ye say
Ye say that 
"Ye say that this people"
"Ye shall be" 
"Ye shall be cast off"
"Ye shall be my"
"Ye shall be saved" 
"Ye shall do"
"Ye shall have eternal life"

Ye shall have eternal life 
Ye shall minister
Ye shall not die, but shall be as God, knowing good and evil

"Ye shall suffer" 
"Ye should consider"
"Yet alive"
"Yet a very little while"

"Yet they were not"
Yet they would not 
Yet I
"Yet I would" 
Yet remain
"Ye will know"
"Ye/you ought to"
"Ye yourselves"
"Ye yourselves are"
"Ye yourselves know"

Yield not 
Yield selves
Yield to temptations
Yield to the enticings
"Yield up"
Yield up the ghost
Yoke and burden
"Yoke of bondage"
Yoke of iron
Yoke on neck

You have power
"You know"
"You know that"
Young and old
Young and tender
Younger brothers/brethren
"Young lions"
"Young man/men"

Your brother
"Your brethren"
"Your condemnation"
"Your deeds"

Your fathers
Your guilt
"Your nothingness"
"Your thoughts"

Your wickedness
"Your words"

You/ye/thou shall/will/shalt/wilt not
You yourselves


Zeal of the Lord will do this

Zealous for 
Zealous people
"Zedekiah, king of Judah"
Zion prospereth

Zoram and his sons