Monday, April 17, 2017

Comprising chapters inclusive

  1. The Record of Zeniff—An account of his people, from the time they left the land of Zarahemla until the time that they were delivered out of the hands of the Lamanites. Comprising chapters 9 to 22 inclusive.
  2. The words of Alma, and also the words of Amulek, which were declared unto the people who were in the land of Ammonihah. And also they are cast into prison, and delivered by the miraculous power of God which was in them, according to the record of Alma. Comprising chapters 9 to 14 inclusive.
  3. An account of the sons of Mosiah, who rejected their rights to the kingdom for the word of God, and went up to the land of Nephi to preach to the Lamanites; their sufferings and deliverance—according to the record of Alma. Comprising chapters 17 to 26 inclusive.
  4. An account of the preaching of Aaron, and Muloki, and their brethren, to the Lamanites. Comprising chapters 21 to 26 inclusive.
  5. The commandments of Alma to his son Corianton. Comprising chapters 39 to 42 inclusive.
  6. The account of the people of Nephi, and their wars and dissensions, in the days of Helaman, according to the record of Helaman, which he kept in his days. Comprising chapters 45 to 62 inclusive.
  7. The Prophecy of Nephi, the son of Helaman—God threatens the people of Nephi that he will visit them in his anger, to their utter destruction except they repent of their wickedness. God smiteth the people of Nephi with pestilence; they repent and turn unto him. Samuel, a Lamanite, prophesies unto the Nephites. Comprising chapters 7 to 16 inclusive.
  8. The prophecy of Samuel, the Lamanite, to the Nephites. Comprising chapters 13 to 15 inclusive.
  9. Jesus Christ did show himself unto the people of Nephi, as the multitude were gathered together in the land Bountiful, and did minister unto them; and on this wise did he show himself unto them. Comprising chapters 11 to 26 inclusive.


  1. Curious if anyone has noted that the online version of the scriptures does not add the "inclusive" designation (not sure when this might have changed). Also, interestingly that regarding the mission of the Sons of Mosiah it now says Chapters 17 to 27 (instead of 26)?

  2. A number of adjustments were made to the 2013 version of the scriptures, some described here: and here:

    I have chosen to base this project on the older scriptural edition found at because
    1. Consistency--I started this in 2009; the changes came later.
    2. The website is easier to use for my purposes:
    a. Boolean searches are permitted, with a better variety
    b. Cutting and pasting 50 references at a time is feasible in ways that 10 references make much more difficult
    c. Sorting seems to be easier

    Nice to see your interest here. I haven't done anything to promote this--it's a very long project and still far from completion. If you haven't found it on your own, I have cross-referenced index pages; the first is here:

    Also, if you're the Kent Olmstead who used to run, we may have had online interaction before. I got featured on your video here ten years ago:

    Email me at my address with the prefix of ryanreeder; I've just written a thesis that you might be interested in and I think we might possibly be interested in collaborating together on future projects. (Again, if you happen to be the Kent Olmstead I think you are).

  3. I am the former editor. That sure takes me back a bit. The clip you referenced (and featuring your speed talking) was a draft idea for a faux-documentary on the making of mormonwebtv for the the lds film festival (which I still is still running). I was going to collaborate with Matt Worley of the former The project never got farther than this clip and likely the economic meltdown ended up getting my fuller attention distracting from my dabbling in the developing Mormon media culture at the time. I'll email you offline.